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The Best Deal of Hana Tour with Mercedes Sprinter You Can Get on Maui – Guaranteed!


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Famous Road to Hana Waterfalls & Lunch

Experience the ultimate Road to Hana Waterfalls Tour with Stardust Hawaii! Our renowned ‘Famous Road to Hana Waterfalls & Lunch’ excursion is designed to immerse you in the unparalleled beauty of this iconic journey. As a premier tourist guide, we specialize in providing a safe and unforgettable Road to Hana Tour, navigating through 620 curves and 54 one-lane bridges with expertise and finesse.

Hana Maui is a treasure trove of natural wonders, but it’s not without its challenges. Occasional rocks and mudslides can pose significant obstacles, leading to stress and exhaustion for the unprepared traveler. That’s where we come in. With over a decade of experience, Stardust Hawaii is your trusted partner in exploring all the marvels of the Road to Hana, ensuring your journey is as smooth and enjoyable as possible.

What Sets Us Apart?

Our Road to Hana Tour is far from ordinary. Sit back and relax as we treat you like a VIP guest, showcasing the breathtaking beauty of Hana waterfalls along the way. But the adventure doesn’t stop there. We’ll also make stops at the famous Black sand beach where you can take a refreshing swim if the weather permits.

Indulge in luxury as our expert driver selects the perfect spot for a sumptuous lunch, ensuring you get the best homemade food that is as memorable as the journey itself. The road to Hana is a mesmerizing blend of stunning landscapes and untouched natural beauty, but navigating it alone can be daunting. Fear not, for Stardust Hawaii provides the solution. Travel in style and comfort in our advanced Mercedes Sprinter Van, accompanied by a professional driver and guide who will lead you on an unforgettable adventure.

Embark on a voyage through time as we regale you with historic tales and legendary stories that have shaped the islands. With Stardust Hawaii, the Best Road to Hana Tour is within your reach, promising an experience that will leave you in awe of the splendor of waterfalls on road to Hana. Don’t miss out on this extraordinary journey – book your excursion with us today and discover the magic of the Road to Hana like never before.

Road To Hana Tour Highlights:

  1. Light Breakfast Onboard: Start your day of adventure on the Road to Hana with a delightful light breakfast served onboard our Mercedes Sprinter Van. Indulge in freshly baked pastries and refreshing bottled water as you prepare to embark on the Best Road to Hana Tour.
  2. Small Group Experience: To ensure an intimate and personalized journey, our tours are limited to small groups of up to 14 people. This exclusive setting allows us to provide individualized attention and ensure that every guest has an exceptional experience exploring the Hana waterfalls and beyond.
  3. Professionally Trained Staff/Drivers: Our team consists of professionally trained and knowledgeable staff/drivers who are passionate about showcasing the wonders of the Road to Hana. With their expertise and dedication, you can trust that you’re in capable hands throughout the tour.
  4. Strategic Bathroom Stops: Safety and comfort are paramount on our Road to Hana Tour. Our Mercedes Sprinter Van will make strategic stops at well-maintained bathrooms along the route, ensuring convenience and peace of mind for all travelers.
  5. Abundant Photo Opportunities: Prepare your camera for an abundance of photo opportunities as we explore historical, cultural, and biological Hana waterfalls. From majestic cascades to lush landscapes, every turn of the journey offers a picturesque moment to capture and cherish.
  6. Snacks & Non-Alcoholic Beverages: Stay refreshed and energized throughout the excursion with complimentary snacks and a selection of non-alcoholic beverages provided onboard. It’s the perfect way to fuel your adventure along the Road to Hana.
  7. Visit to Famous Banana Bread Stand: Experience the flavors of Maui with a stop at a famous Banana Bread stand along the Road to Hana. Treat your taste buds to this local delicacy and savor the unique culinary delights of the island.
  8. Swimming at Black Sand Beach & Pua’a Ka’a Hana Waterfalls: Weather permitting, indulge in a memorable swimming experience at the most famous Black sand beach & Pua’a Ka’a Hana waterfalls. Immerse yourself in the natural beauty of Maui, surrounded by the breathtaking scenery of cascading waterfalls and pristine beaches.

Road to Hana Tour Route:

  • Paia town – pass
  • Hookipa – stop (portable restrooms)
  • Maliko gulch – pass
  • Twin Falls – pass
  • Waikamoi Falls – pass
  • Haipua’ena Falls – pass
  • Keanae Peninsula – stop (brick & mortar restrooms)
  • Aunty Sandy’s (Banana bread) – stop
  • Chings Pond – pass
  • Keanae Lookout – stop
  • Upper Waikani Falls – pass
  • Wailua Iki Falls – pass
  • Lava tubes – Pass
  • Hana Bay/Hana town – Pass
  • Waianapanapa Black sand – stop, swimming (weather permitted), lunch, brick & mortar restrooms
  • Pua’a Ka’a Falls – stop, swimming (weather permitted) (brick & mortar restrooms)
  • Wailua Valley lookout – stop
  • Keanae Lookout – stop
  • Kaumahina wayside park – stop (brick & mortar restrooms)
  • Rainbow Eucalyptus Forest – stop

Facts and Requirements:
  • Operates: Daily – pickup from Maui’s major hotels for Hana tour.
  • Departure Point: Pick-up & drop-off at major resorts or pick-up at the Park’ and ride in Kahului or Ma’alaea.
  • Duration: up to 10hrs of Road to Hana tour depending on traffic
  • Inclusions: Breakfast – Pastry, Lunch, Snacks, Granola bars, locally grown fresh fruit, Non-alcoholic Beverages.
  • Lunch: Fresh homemade sandwiches made in the local Deli with local fruit, granola bars, chips, and a choice of beverage – bottled water and Hawaiian drinks available during the whole tour to Hana.
  • Equipment: Travel aboard our luxury Mercedes S-Class sedan or luxury Mercedes Sprinter Van
  • Restrictions: Rough road; not recommended for pregnant women and those with back problems, not recommended for kids younger than 6.

Mercedes Benz Sprinter High & Long Version

Mercedes Sprinter Minibus with a high roof for up to 14 people with a piece of luggage – for an efficient way to transport a maximum of 14 passengers, a group of friends, or a bigger family in a private way, the Mercedes Benz van is the best choice.


  1. John/nancy gumb

    We were fortunate to have Quinn as our guide. He was informative, VERY knowledgeable and kept things moving with a great sense of humor. The scenery was breathtaking, and although the roads were potentially treacherous Quinn’s driving was incredibly good and after a while you didn’t even have to think about the roadways and were just able to enjoy the scenery. This was definitely one of the highlights of the trip. The only thing I might have liked would have been maybe some introduction to our tour mates so you know who you are riding with. Of course that could have been on us as well. I would like a neighbor like him.

  2. LolliPa

    We took The Road to Hana Tour with Quinn. By far, the best tour guide we ever encountered. He was very professional with us from the first Hola to the Mahalo, when he dropped us off at Pao. (sp). His vast knowledge of the island and story telling was interesting and actually took our minds off certain parts of the drive. I really didn’t see any of the driving hazards, friends had told us about. The stops along the way and way back, at certain landmarks and shops, was perfect. Quinn really made this whole experience a big Plus for us. Wish we would have had time for him to marry me and my fiancé’. Thanks Quinn

  3. EJM

    Eric was a wonderful host—full of information and stories. He was generous in stopping for photos and made our trip one to remember!

  4. HelmineK

    Eric made this tour a great success. He ensured we had great views and opportunities to take photos while showing us the highlights and keeping us entertained with his repartee. A great tour, well worth taking to avoid driving this difficult road. We had time to explore and enjoy the stops along the way.

  5. Raegan Radke

    Dom was a great tour guide with tons of knowledge about the island. It’s clear he has a love for what he does in sharing experience along with education. The tour is amazing however we wish he would have asked us where we wanted to stop as we wanted to stop at fruit stands

  6. jbaldwin


    We had a fantastic time on this tour. It was breathtaking. Our guide Eric was knowledgeable and interesting. He made suggestions that made our trip even better. It is an all-day adventure, sit back and relax. Our family trip included ten people of all ages, and everyone had a wonderful time.


    Ok, this was a fantastic experience. Our driver Eric was terrific and knowledgeable, he made suggestions and recommendations about the trip and places to stop that made the trip more accommodating to our group.
    It is a long trip, so just go with it.
    There is so many beautiful things to see and do. It’s well worth the time.

  8. John Swain Jr.

    Wow!!!! Our road to Hana trip was an amazing experience. From the natural beauty of the land to our guide Quinn to the amazing van, it really set the tone for our entire vacation. Quinn’s attention to detail, willingness to share his abundant knowledge of Hawaii, personal attention, and smooth driving made the trip truly enjoyable. My wife and I are so glad we left the driving to Quinn and took this trip first because it gave us a really good overview of Hawaiian life and culture that we built on during the rest of our trip. It gave us an opportunity to really see and enjoy the trip rather than arguing and nervously navigating the entire drive. The cost was more than most but the value was sooooooo worth it!!! I can’t recommend Quinn and the tour enough!!!!

  9. Carol Thiel

    Omgosh, took The Road to Hana trip today. It was incredibly beautiful. You could not beat the sites! Our tour guide was Quinn; I’m sure the best guide ever! He has such a warm, inviting personality, and as importantly an immense knowledge about Maui and the Hawaiian history and culture. Quinn was a very delightful guide and made the whole trip very enjoyable.

  10. Gary Hoolsema

    Had a great Hana Road Tour today with Stardust. Eric our driver and guide kept us well informed on the events for the day. He provided a wealth of information on everything about the Road To Hana and Maui and Hawaiian history. His years of experience in tourism gave us a trip not to be forgotten. Glad I decided not to drive the road and let Stardust give us a great day. Thanks Eric.

  11. Kelly Price

    We took the Road ro Hana tour with Quinn and Robbin. It was amazing! They were both so knowledgeable and fun. We enjoyed being able to sit back and take in the sights and not have to deal with driving the road. Quinn did an amazing job with the driving and still was able to share lots of great info with us. We saw many amazing sights and learned so much about the culture and area.
    I highly recommend this tour! Mahalo Quinn and Robbin for an amazing experience we will never forget, Aloha.

  12. Robyn Johnston

    We took three tours while in Hawaii and the Stardust Road To Hana was by far the best. Organized, well-planned, and amazing stops. Our guide was Quinn and I’m so glad we had him! He is so incredibly knowledgeable about Hawaiian history, culture, and environment that I came away with so much context for the rest of our trip. A+ dad jokes too. Would definitely recommend it.

  13. Tamra Howell

    Just returned back to our resort from the Road trip to Hana. Eric our driver was fantastic and very knowledgeable about the history of Maui. I would recommend Eric if your a history buff. The road to Hana is narrow and nothing but switchbacks and best left to the professionals who know the road. Stopped at various places for great photo opportunities and had lunch at a park with a black sand beach. So many beautiful locations to see. FYI…The rest areas are just above primitive along the way and I recommend having some of your own toilet paper. One stop area was out of TP. There are many options with various tour companies all going to the same place but I recommend Stardust Hawaii. Mahalo Eric!

  14. Glynis Callaway

    We had an amazing time on The Road to Hana tour!! Everything about this tour was wonderful from the comfortable van, scenery, and our amazing tour guide, Quinn!! If you take this tour make sure to ask for Quinn. You will not be disappointed!!

  15. Amante Legaspi

    This was an incredible experience. Quinn (our driver/Maui historian) made our tour go from good to wonderful. I will recommend Stardust to all my friends that visit Maui and hopefully they get as great a guide as Quinn.

  16. Michael stern

    What a nice guy to have as a tour guide!My brother and I totally enjoyed the tour, Eric is incredibly knowledgeable tourguide, and was a wealth of information about the tour and Maui.Thank again Eric, Mike & Hannah

  17. James Lee

    Quinn was absolutely the perfect guide. His knowledge of the Road to Hana and ability to weave in the history of the Island, coupled with constant attention to our needs was outstanding and beyond our wildest expectations. I say give Quinn a raise. Mahalo Quinn.

  18. Michelle Akridge

    My husband and I decided to do this tour during our honeymoon to see the sights of Maui and we were not disappointed! Our guide Rich was the perfect blend of insightful and hilarious to help us through the long excursion. It was absolutely worth the time and money spent!

    Unfortunately, my debit card got lost as we were stopping at one of the roadside markets during the tour. As Rich, the best human on the planet, was on a tour with another group the following day, he found our card, called me, and was able to bring it back to our hotel.

  19. Corinne

    This tour is absolutely wonderful! If you’re able to request a guide by name, Quinn is the one to choose. His education, knowledge and genuine passion for Maui and the Hawaiian Islands is unmatched. He is a wealth of information, not hesitant to field any question you have and finds a way to engage every member of his group. A guided tour of Hana is the way to go! Thank you again Quinn! A Hui Hou, Corinne & Ryan

  20. Lonny

    We loved the Road to Hana tour. Quinn was very informative and respectful of the Hawaiian history and traditions. I would highly recommend this tour!

  21. Mark Zanders Jr. -CPT

    We took the Road to Hana tour with Tom. It was an amazing experience! Tom was just awesome. Very friendly, knowledgeable, and accommodating. He went out of his way to engage with everyone on the tour and just did a great job making us feel comfortable. Highly recommended!!

  22. Corinne

    This tour is absolutely wonderful! If you’re able to request a guide by name, Quinn is the one to choose. His education, knowledge and genuine passion for Maui and the Hawaiian Islands is unmatched. He is a wealth of information, not hesitant to field any question you have and finds a way to engage every member of his group. A guided tour of Hana is the way to go! Thank you again Quinn! A Hui Hou, Corinne & Ryan

  23. selan_robert

    Waterfalls were amazing. The guide Eric shared great stories of Hawaiian culture and history. Lunch
    was a little disappointing but I do Recommend this tour

  24. orlando_b

    Thank you Quinn for an amazing experience! We are so glad we decided to go with a tour. We definitely would not Have experienced everything we did if we went on our own. Definitely ask for Quinn as your tour guide he is someone who loves Maui and will give you the best experience and was great with keeping my kids interested.

  25. Gianna_mc

    Quinn was. A great guide, full of history, nature. Very friendly , the time flew.
    The black sand beach was great fun and the swim in the waterfalls was sublime

  26. susanna13

    Quinn is an amazing guide. He kept the long drive entertaining with fun facts and great story telling. He was kind, personable and super educational. He was also spot on with timing and ensured we got to fully enjoy each destination while staying on track with schedule/beating traffic.

    The tour itself was also really fun. Highlights of the trip were swimming in the waterfall and in the black sand beach. Scenery was gorgeous throughout the entire trip, would highly recommend trying this excursion.

  27. Bobbi_s

    Had a great time on tour with Quinn. I love the narration throughout the tour, entertaining and educating
    at the same time.

  28. Robin

    Road to Hana trip was amazing. So worth sitting back to let someone with experience drive. Much more enjoyable than having to watch the road!
    Our driver,Quinn, was fun and full of knowledge. Kept the trip fun!

  29. Phil517

    We had Quinn yesterday 12/22/21, OMGOSH, He was Amazing. Quinn is very educated on the history of Maui and Hawaii in general. We had a fantastic time and aside from a rainy day it was Amazing. Quinn did a Great job, keep up the Great work.

  30. Xiong_X

    I really like how Tom made our trip so smooth, gentle and very informative. I wish the time at Black sand
    beach would be longer, and the trip would include sometime at the Pipiwai trail!

  31. Sandra

    Being able to see a whole new world inside of Maui. I loved all the information and history that was told
    during the tour

  32. Irne

    We had Quinn! I loved him and he was so knowledgeable about the rainforest! He was so enthusiastic
    and really fun to be around! 🙂

  33. sona_p

    Beautiful scenery . Eric was a wonderful guide and he gave a lot of local history. Highly recommend this

  34. Frances_ZB

    We had a great trip with Quinn as our tour guide. He drove us expertly around the tight twists and turns of Hana Highway and the Mercedes van handles the extremely bumpy roads.

    Quinn was very knowledgeable and had facts and information from the time we boarded until we returned. He also came with an endless supply of “dad jokes” and bad, but funny puns. Our group of 9 all had a great time and we highly recommend a tour with Quinn.

  35. Jana Raven

    Black sand beach was breathtaking! 1 hour not enough 2 hours better. Quinn was an excellent tour

  36. Vera Dvorak

    Not having to drive those narrow one lane bridges on blind corners. Much more relaxing. Also enjoyed

  37. Applebear

    Waterfalls were awesome, driver did a great job, saw a lot of awesome sights, lots of animals and
    learned a lot

  38. Scorpie23

    We had a great time, the sights were absolutely beautiful and our guide was informative,
    knowledgeable and friendly. Highly recommend.

  39. MarshallFrank

    My wife and I enjoyed this tour and seeing all that Maui has to offer.

  40. Karim P.

    Thomas, the driver from Stardust Hawaii, was excellent! He had great knowledge of the road to Hana,
    kept us on time, and had superb driving skills on the road.

  41. Jill Holley

    Eric was a great tour guide. He was very knowledgeable on the history of Maui. We stopped for Aunt Sandy’s famous banana bread, which was delicious, had the opportunity to swim under a waterfall, and walk on a beautiful black sand beach.

    The road to Hana is definitely a trip that should be experienced when in Maui. I will recommend Eric to anyone that wants to take this tour.

  42. Teresa Woods

    Our tour which began at 6 a.m. was delayed by about 10 minutes , but our guide Eric, called us to let us know his new arrival time, Great communication! Thank you. He proved a very knowledgeable and caring guide. Interesting information about celebrities’ who moved to Maui and their acceptance or not by the locals and reasons why.

  43. Paul Meinzer

    Very informal and helpful! This tour was one of the highlights of our trip!

  44. Maryann Asher

    Oh my goodness! What an ADVENTURE. Once in a lifetime opportunity. Beautiful views, gorgeous moments. I also felt very clean and very safe while on tour. Roads are indeed windy but thanks to our trusty fun guide QUINN he made the experience unforgettable.

    There are so many excursions out there but this is by far, the best one out there. You won’t regret picking this tour, I assure you. And if you happen to get Quinn he’ll enhance the experience with laughter, jokes, and tons of amusement. He truly embodies the tour guide spirit and makes you feel top notch VIP travelers. He loves what he does and it shows! Thanks Quinn for showing us the best sights in Maui!! They really need more people like you in the tourism industry.

  45. Duwayne C.

    Quinn was an excellent guide in this tour. Extremely knowledgeable, by knowledgeable he knows many specific facts, not general conversational comments. He kept the van engaged for the 10 hours engaging everyone. Always ensured comfort and kept schedule without being rushed. He says all his tours are unique and I believe it. He clearly loves his job.

    They start early, which actually makes this trip even better. Deal with the early rise in order to have the best experience. Well done!!

  46. Betsy1

    Road to Hana exceeded my expectations. Would never do it any other way!

  47. Mathew Robles

    All day adventure. Fun for the whole family. Driver Quinn was very knowledgeable and accommodating. Highly recommended.

  48. Kaye Howard

    Quinn was overboard knowledgeable!! Amazing trip!

  49. Cindy Young

    We had Pete today! He’s much more than excellent! He reads and understands his tourists! Ask for him! You will now be disappointed! Favorite tour guide EVER!!!

  50. Gabriell

    Great Trip!
    Our tour guide was Tom, he was fabulous! We stayed on our schedule the entire trip and was always willing to assist with whatever needs we had. My sister and I traveled from Michigan and could not find a road to Hana tour as they were already sold out, somehow we were able to book this tour the day before and we are so happy we did!

  51. Natalie

    Amazing experience. Tom was our tour guide, he was very knowledgeable and answered everyone’s questions happily. He definitely made us feel safe during that drive! The hours just flew by!

  52. P341C

    Hana all day small group
    Awesome driver Kieli who grew up on Maui and knew everything and everybody during trip, friendly as
    well. Trip thru Hana highway exceeded my expectations by a mile

  53. Yoges

    Road to Paradise Hana …
    This was an amazing tour into Hana Valley. Very comfortable with stops every now and then to see beautiful falls and highlight was black sand beach. Beauty of this place is out of the world. Our tour leader Tom was a great host and super safe driver. He gave nice commentary on what was where and best was his safety instructions that were very valuable. Lunch was really good sandwich wigh fruit and Hawaiian drink. Aloha and Mahalo

  54. Sofia R

    Memorable family time
    Every minute was memorable, a Safe, enjoyable and friendly time spend the driver Tom. This was a
    great experience and the best part was being driven to every destination with no hassle:)

  55. Oscar M

    Once in a lifetime
    Tom was an amazing driver. We’re so thankful we booked or we would never have gotten to experience
    such a fantastic ride. Tom was such a good driver that my 10 year old felt safe enough to sleep on the
    scariest part of the drive. Thank you so much!

  56. Denise N

    A perfect Road Trip!
    It was our second time going to Hana. The first time we were by ourselves. This time we went on a luxury Mercedes van with Stardust Hawaii tour company. And boy, let me tell you it made a huge difference. Instead of paying attention to the road and trying not to fall off a cliff, we could actually enjoy the scenery and soak it all in. The drive itself is long and thanks to our driver/guide Tom we could see places we didn’t even know existed. We swam at hidden waterfalls, tasted local banana bread, visited the black sand beach (my favorite) and took about a gazillion spectacular photos. It’s a must!

  57. Ian M

    Good trip
    Our family took the full day tour and it was an experience to treasure. Even though we had a hired car we wouldn’t have been able to navigate the treacherous driving conditions- the Winding roads were steep and narrow, and in some cases single lane only – definitely not for the faint-hearted. If you want to enjoy the scenery then there is no point of doing the driving yourself. Anyway the tour was wonderful with a well experienced driver/tour guide. He had a world of knowledge and was very informative. He stopped at all the interesting scenic spots including waterfalls and beaches and gave us ample time to explore the surroundings. The lunch provided was tasty and more than enough for everyone. Overall it was a tour worth joining and all of us had an enjoyable day.

  58. Rustic G

    Amazing Road to Hana trip with Ray
    5 years ago I drove the entire road to Hana and back and while that was an amazing trip, this was even better with our guide Ray. The Mercedes very comfortable, even for the winding and rocky road to Hana. The 2 highlights of the trip were swimming in a waterfall and actually driving around the backside of the mountain (something you are unable to do with a car rental). Our guide was knowledgeable of the entire island and the history of the Polynesian people. This was by far our best trip in Hawaii.

  59. Ken B

    Road to Hana
    Very exciting with some precarious narrow roads, a must-do when visiting Hawaii. Please don’t drive there, go with a professional driver as we did – you will see what I mean. Plan trip for the entire day, it’s so beautiful.

  60. Spencerfam

    Our tour guide was the best
    This was such a fun experience! We had the best driver! Lots of stops and info on the Hawaii! He made it a very memorable trip!
    Read less

  61. Tiana Garland

    Quinn was an excellent tour guide. Not only was he super friendly, but extremely knowledgeable as well. Very impressive and was so kind to everyone. We are on our honeymoon and we are so glad we didn’t drive and had Quinn as a tour guide! He was the safest driver and knew the roads like the back of his hand, which lead us to sit back, relax, and enjoy the views. I wish we could multiple Quinn by a million and move the Quinn’s to the Chicagoland area, because you just don’t find tour guides like him anymore :’) So far this was the best part of our trip! Very few things in life are worth waking up at 5am, but this was totally worth it. 10/10 recommend, a big thank you to Quinn!

  62. peter_cj

    If it’s your first time to Hanna I highly recommend. I also would recommend requesting Quinn. His
    knowledge of Hanna past president (he actually lives there) future history is not only impressive it is
    passionate. You can tell Quinn loves what he dose and it shows.

  63. UmborB

    Long But Fun Day a MUST SEE
    Make sure you take your own food or eat at the first halfway mark. The chicken that we got at the restaurant that we stopped at was not very good and the vegetables were half cooked and the rice was very cold and you had no choice of what you were going to get. Luckily we took some protein bars and ate some banana bread at the midway point. Ray was an excellent guide and had a vast amount of information. My husband felt like he got on complete information overload and would have liked to of had some brief or a little bit longer moments of silence The stops are absolutely amazing and the view is breathtaking and exciting as far as the waterfalls are concerned I would’ve rather just done a brief stop at that, and in fact our entire group did not get in the water there. There are signs everywhere saying that you’re not allowed to get in the water there. We knew this would be a very long day, it was around 11 1/2 hours with hotel pick up and drop off. Only other suggestions were that many of us needed a bathroom break towards the end and that was difficult to find. Ray even had ginger candy available for people that might get nauseous and make frequent stops and kept the air up so that people would not get nauseated. Thank you Ray from your Tennessee couple.

  64. Cam-an59

    An excellent way to see a lot of the island without the hassle of driving the road yourself
    Ray is an excellent guide, he’s been driving the road for a long time and knows all the places to go and people to see. Going on a tour is an wonderful way to see the sights without having to drive what can be a tricky road yourself. With this trip you get an excellent guide and you go to some wonderful places

  65. Lupe G

    Trip road to hana
    It was great wish I could do it again mostly cuz our tour guide was informative courteous funny n just made it that much more enjoyable definitely recommend it.
    Read less

  66. Michelle M

    Road to Hana
    We had a great tour with the most experienced driver and extremely knowledgable of the island history and volcanos.
    We learned so much while experiencing a great trip!! We had great bbq chicken.. wow! The views are breathtaking and the black sand beach was incredible!!
    Read less

  67. Didi L

    Our last day was the best day with Rory!
    We spent two wonderful weeks in Maui and on our last day we took the Road to Hana tour with Rory. It was the best tour I’ve ever taken and I took this tour ten years ago and only remember one location. Our guide was so knowledgeable and answered every question from all 11 passengers. Rory is considerate, smart, caring, and just plain fun. He explained so many things about the Polynesian people that amazed us and educated us. I hope to return and bring my family members so that they can experience this tour. Thank you Rory, and bless you in all your endeavors. Keep doing what you do!

  68. LizJul

    We had many tour companies to do this tour with. However, we decided to go with Stardust. Everything that was offered in the package was delivered 100%. We swam at the waterfall which was a great spot for photos. We visited the black sand beach as promised. Amazing for photos. We even stopped in areas that were not mentioned when we booked the tour. Our tour guide was Rory, who is incredibly knowledgeable and provided so much history of not only Maui but of all other islands as well. Rory went out of his way to make sure that we had a good lunch being that we do not eat meat. He even purchased a special canoe, which had many fruits the locals eat. He certainly made us feel special. He made a twelve our trip so much fun and go by so fast. This is a trip that must be done if you are in Maui. However, do it with Rory from Stardust. You will not only get to see all the beautiful spots on the road to Hana. You will leave there with more history of Hawaii than when you arrived there.
    Read less

  69. Maka686

    Nice, many sites, very informative, great Lunch and looong trip. I would never drive there alone!

  70. Lisa Panos

    Nice trip. Very knowledgeable guide. Only 6 of us so we had a more personal tour. Waterfalls were great. A bit confused about lunch since we had to pre-order our sandwiches when booking the tour, but we ate at a huli chicken place on side of the road. No one told us about the change. Trip was 13 hours, but well worth it. Much better to have someone else do the driving.

  71. CHK52@gmail.com

    Charlie Konkolsky
    It was beyond our expectations! The luxury ride beated it all. Have done Road to Hana before by renting a car and driving and will never do the same mistake again. The Mercedes ride was such a great experience. We didn’t have to worry about the traffic, food, drinks, and we had the vehicle to our selves only. Our guide was super cool and showed us things we would never be able to see on our own.


    City girl, New York, NY
    I am a city girl and I am very picky. I was traveling with my girlfriend and it was my last trip as a single before getting because married in November. It was my second trip to Hawaii, but first time in Maui. We went on a Hana adventure with Stardust Hawaii in their luxury car. Our guide Tom was awesome. He greeted us with a bottle of a champagne and as Hawaiian call it “pupus”, appetizers. During our ride we saw many beautiful waterfalls, were able to swim in a lagoon, jump of a cliff in seven sacred pools, buy local banana bread, and saw some amazing scenery’s. Tom was taking plenty of pictures and I’m so grateful for that. Now I have some amazing memories for my bachelor trip to Maui Hawaii. I want to come back with my husband this time, and do it again so I can share my great experience with him. Big mahalo Stardust Hawaii.

  73. Andyk1628

    Incredible views, beautiful nature, black beach sand, waterfalls, truly a real paradise. Thank you Tom, you were a great chauffer. Will come back for another tour. *****

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