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Be a Pilot – Circle Maui & Hana – Whole island in charm!

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from 8 years old

Be a Pilot – Circle Maui & Hana – Whole island in charm!

You get to fly take off, cruise and approach to landing!

There is nothing quite comparable when you think of waterfalls, natural swimming pools, and the ocean beyond.”– Charles Lindbergh

Never flown before? That’s OK! Be a Pilot – Circle Maui & Hana tour is a perfect fit for you because we’ll instruct you on the basics of flying including takeoff and landing. It’s a fantastic experience!

Take flight! Your Certified Flight Instructor will introduce you to the excitement of flying. You will take the controls, and not only learn how to take off, cruise, descend and approach to land but get to fly as close as 500′ from the most majestic waterfalls in all of Hawaii.

In honor of Charles A. Lindbergh, you will take the controls and recreate his most favored flight!

Fly the takeoff from Kahului Airport and turn northwest bound at 1,500′, soar over Kapalua, then fly south towards Ka’anapali and Lahaina. Then fly direct towards Wailea and Makena over Oprah’s land around south Maui. Then as you turn northbound, fly alongside the glorious waterfalls of East Maui.

Perform a “wing wave” over Lindbergh’s grave site to honor and pay our respects. As we slow the aircraft down, we prepare for landing at world famous Hana airport. Your instructor pilot will guide you every step of the way. Afterwards prepare for take-off as you depart for Kahului and fly the coastline as you set up for your second landing.

Facts and Requirements

  • Operates: Monday-Sunday 8:00 am – 6:00 pm (times may vary)
  • Departure Point: Kahului Airport
  • Duration: 3 hours
  • Equipment: Cirrus SR22 G3 GTS-X
  • Inclusions: Lunch, Round Trip Airfare, Certificate of Flight Training
  • Restrictions: Must be at least 8 years old to be a pilot. Flight patterns and specific sights are subject to weather & wind. Your safety and comfort is first priority. Flight routes and sites may vary due to weather conditions.
  • Cancellation: Associated with cancellation fee (terms and conditions), rescheduling 48 hrs. for all reservations, and 72 hrs. for groups of 6 or more.

Your Personal Certified Flight Instructor.

As a professional Certified Flight Instructor – Instrument (CFII) and former Cirrus Factory Standardized Instructor Pilot (CSIP) with over 5,000 flight hours and nearly 30 years of aviation experience, I have flown Astronauts, taught 8 year olds and even an 80 year old grandmother. You can feel confident that I know my airplane and these islands. I have sat on the Board of Commissioners overseeing the State of Hawaii airport system, worked with AOPA and owned the largest regional air carrier serving the Grand Canyon from Southern California. Now, my passion is to share the thrill of flying and the majesty of Hawaii which can only be appreciated through General Aviation. Each participant receives a Certificate of Flight Training under Federal Aviation Regulations Part § 61.189.


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