Best sailing in Maui!


If you like to sail, the Maui sailing climate and prevailing winds provide the right spot to be. So Sailing & Snorkeling on Maui is one the best things to do here. The trade winds generally come up in the later morning and the afternoons.The good stiff winds are usually with us in the afternoon so Maui sailing trips in the morning and evening are of a lighter nature. They’re just as fun, just easier-going. One popular Maui sailing tour is the trip to Molokini. The mornings have extremely light winds occasionally allowing for a gentle sail out (if the winds are strong enough to sail at all) but by late morning the winds are generally howling and make for a fun return trip. Sailboats ply the waters up and down the coast of West and South Maui, stopping at secluded beaches, anchoring in rocky inlets, or hugging mountainous cliffs that plunge deep into the ocean. Some are out-and-out sailing trips, seeking out the wind line far out in the channel; other Maui sailing vessels combine snorkeling or light-line fishing in calmer waters.

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