Maui Water Sports


Maui is not the biggest island in Hawaii but it plays definitely a big roll in water sports in Hawaii. You’ll see people on paddle boards and body boards in the water every day. Kite boarding, wind surfing and surfing is big on Maui. We have great places for all kind of water sports you can choose from. If you ask our reservation agents on the phone or browse a listing on our website you’ll definitely find the right activity for you. On Stardust Hawaii always for lower prices than anywhere else. Maui is most famous  for a surf spot for big wave surfing: Peahi (also known as “Jaws”). During big swells, surfers are towed into Peahi’s massive waves by jet-skis. This technique has lead to the emergence of a new sport called “tow-in surfing.” If you prefer to watch, you can see pro surfers in action, head to Honolua Bay and Hookipa Beach near Lower Paia during the big waves of the winter months.

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