Best kiteboarding and surfing lessons in Maui


As long as you already know how to swim, and are strong enough to paddle your surfboard and stand up on it (at least on dry land), they can usually teach you beginning surfing in one lesson.

Maui Kiteboarding and Surfing Lessons are usually small in size and are dependent upon whether you enrolled for a private Maui surf lesson or a group surf lesson. Group surf lessons on Maui usually instruct no more than 5 or 6 students and if you sign up for a private it could just be you or yourself and a friend or your small family of friends.

The first thing you will usually do on your Maui surf lesson is to spend some time on the beach with your surf instructor doing some “dry land” work. Here you will sand on your surf board while on the beach and learn how and where to stand. You will also lay down on your board and learn the technique for catching a wave.

Next you will actually go out into the Maui surf with your instructor and try the real thing. You will learn in just small and simple waves and before the class is over you will probably find that you were able to get up on a wave and ride one in a few times.

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