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Maui Zipline tours

Zipline tours are a fairly recent activity to appear on Maui, but Maui Zipline tours are certainly one of the most popular activities on the island and are often booked weeks in advance.Simply put, a Zipline is an aerial runway consisting of a pulley suspended on a cable that is mounted on an incline. Zip lines are designed to allow a seated and harnessed passenger to traverse valleys, gorges or drop-offs along an inclined cable by being attached to a freely moving pulley while using gravity as a motor.

Professional Zipline courses such as those found on Maui are often operated at high speeds and can cover long distances at considerable heights with multiple Zipline crossings included in the course. Maui has a number of Zipline courses and they are breathtaking with regard to both the scenery and the Maui Zipline adventure itself.

Maui Zip Line Courses

Maui Zipline adventures have really found their calling in recent years with Maui zip line courses found all over the island.

  • Maui Zipline tours are found on the slopes of Haleakala
  • The beautiful forested meadowlands of upcountry Olinda are the home of the longest double zipline in the state
  • The ridges behind Kapalua provide a dramatic setting for a Maui zip-line course.
  • The West Maui Mountains above Kaanapali have scenic views of Kaanapali, Lahaina and the Lahaina Roadstead from a zip line course.
  • Along one incredible stretch of valleys from Waikapu to Maalaea on the east facing slopes of the West Maui Mountains can be found the longest zipline in the state of Hawaii.

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