Kayaking Tours


Maui’s coastline is ideal for a kayaking tour, particularly in the early morning when the ocean is smooth as silk.

Many coastline spots are perfect for Maui kayaking tours and lessons

  • Enjoy bautiful Wailea’s pristine coastline sea life
  • Maui kayaking tours have always been popular on Maui
  • Picturesque kayaking spots such as off the coast of Wailea & Makena are favorites
  • The unique Hana coastline is a good choice but only on rare calm days
  • Many locations along the Kihei coast are excellent for Maui kayaking as well

Whale season is one of the best times to go on a Maui kayaking tour as there is no greater thrill than viewing one of the “gentle giants” from kayak-level. Talk about having something to write home about!
No previous Kayaking experience is necessary to participate in a Maui kayak tour. After a few minutes of kayak instruction you’ll be paddling out beyond the surf and exploring the little bays and inlets along the shores of Maui.

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