Diving and Scuba

Why do people dive on Maui? Because of Maui’s underwater charm, its coral reefs, magnificent marine life, striking underwater caves and cliffs, its wrecks, its remarkable visibility, its warm water, and its knowledgeable and friendly diving community. In short, Maui is a diver’s paradise.

Dive Molokini

There are many wonderful scuba diving spots on Maui but probably the most well-known is Molokini. We send many people to snorkel in the central crater but scuba divers have a much wider range. They can dive the crater, the outer reef, or Molokini’s backside “wall” which appears to descend straight down and disappear into the abyss. Many scuba enthusiasts think this is the most exciting dive of all.

Dive Lanai

Lanai is another popular dive destination. Just one of many spots around this island is “Cathedrals,” so named because from underwater, looking up through its labyrinth of coral formations and caves, the sun’s rays and shafts of light shimmering down create the illusion of being in a cathedral.

Some considerations for you regarding diving on Maui:

  • If you’re not a certified scuba diver but would like to experience a Maui scuba dive adventure, we’ll set you up on a “first- time Maui dive.” No scuba diving experience is necessary and you’ll dive Maui waters with a full tank of air on your very first day.
  • Some Maui scuba dive shops and companies even offer a two-tank dive for beginners. You’ll get used to the tanks and other scuba diving apparatus during your first scuba dive and, once comfortable in the water, your second scuba dive provides the diving experience you are seeking.
  • There are no guarantees you will go to a particular dive spot. But speak up! If the dive company knows you want to go to one place specifically, every effort will be made to accommodate you. The deciding factors will be the weather and ocean conditions.

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