Best bike tours in Maui Hawaii with Stardust Hawaii

Imagine the thrill of riding down one of the largest dormant volcanoes in the world on a bicycle, and never having to pedal. This is a reality on Maui’s Haleakala Bike Tours.

Thousands of Maui downhill biking enthusiasts have experienced this adventure on Maui since the industry began in 1982. Of all the activities on Maui, the Maui Downhill bike ride is the most unique – the Maui bike ride that can’t be done anywhere else on Earth.

This is how most of the mountain bike tours operate:

  • You’re picked up at your hotel and transported to the top of Mount Haleakala and its famous crater at a height of 10,000′. Here you’re fitted with the windbreakers, helmet and gloves you’ll be wearing on your bicycle downhill journey. You’ll also be served a continental breakfast. This enormous crater is 21 miles in circumference, 3000 feet deep, and is large enough to fit all of Manhattan Island within its perimeter. If you choose to bike downhill at sunrise (a good choice) you will also see one of the most spectacular solar displays found anywhere on the planet.
  • From here you’ll be transported via your van down to the entrance of Haleakala National Park at about the 6,500′ level where you will begin your Maui downhill bike ride.
  • Each group of about 10 to 12 participants follows their “lead guide” down the mountain and he (or she) is in continuous radio contact with the “chase van” that follows the group with cameras and warm clothing, etc. Many stops are made on the way downhill for extraordinary views of the island. A luncheon stop is either made at one of the restaurants on the mountain or at the small town of Paia which is reached during the final descent to the seacoast.
  • Once at the bottom, the experience takes on a somewhat surreal quality as your mind keeps replaying the constant series of turns and roadways that led you’re bike downhill to your final destination. One glance up at the top and you realize that you’ve conquered a mountain. You’ve connected with Maui on your Maui bike tour in some way that you know is different. You smelled the camphor of the eucalyptus trees as you passed through the forests, and you breathed the cool thin air from Maui’s highest slopes. Today was a different day for you; the day you took the famous Maui downhill biking adventure and one you won’t soon forget!

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