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Segway MiniPro and Electric Bike Rentals and more…

The Ninebot by Segway miniPro Rentals

Rent a miniPro is the best way to get around beautiful island on Maui.

Segway PT tours

Ever wondered what it would be like to explore scenic waterfronts, visit historic monuments, or spend your holiday going from place to place – all while effortlessly gliding on a Segway PT? Well now you can!

Electric Bicycle Tours

Imagine your smile when you cruise uphill on your electric bicycle, leaving fatigue behind. You’ll also leave the days of sweaty cycling behind you. Ride on an electric commuter bike without looking like you came from the gym. Electric bikes are quiet, environmentally friendly and fun to ride.

Electric Bicycle Rental

Enjoy a fun Electric Bike Guided Tour through historic town of Lahaina. Featuring high quality Bikes with “Power On Demand” that allows riders to choose between pedaling, electric motor power, or both.

How to ride Segway

Riding the Segway PT feels like nothing you’ve ever experienced because there’s never been anything like it.

The manipulation of Segway PT is intuitive and natural. Once you stand on it you are fully under the protection of its dynamic stabilization. You start moving forward when gently leaning over. The more you lean forward the quicker you move. You break when leaning back and straightening your body in an upright position. If you lean back Segway PT starts reversing. You turn with the rotary part of the handle bars similarly to the motorbike accelerator.

Mastering the basics of controlling Segway PT is a matter of a few minutes. After this short instruction you can move smoothly and you will understand the principles of its manipulation. Segway PT substitutes for walking, it enables you to manoeuvre within limited space, it can turn around its own axis and if you need to stop the Segway PT will stand on the spot.

The use of Segway PT is multiple-from personal purposes such as way to work, for shopping, trips to the countryside, to professional use of the police, post, transport at fair trades, movement of workers in open terrain.

Segway PT is an excellent partner for travelling in urban environment, thanks to the great tires it manages to go on any type of surface, you can ride it on the forest paths, meadows and in open terrain. All parts of Segway PT are well protected against extreme environmental influences. It is resistant to dust, moisture, vibrations and temperature changes.

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