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Hike for Health – Senior Tour


Hike for Health – Senior Tour

The only senior fitness hike on Maui where you discover Maui nature and make yourself healthier

Tour Highlights:

  • Improve your cardio respiratory and muscular fitness
  • Easy, Fun & Educational
  • Learn about the flora and fauna of the forest as well as the lore and history of the area.

If you love nature and history, get ready for a guided Hiking Tour taking you to some of the best island trails and lookout points. Our adventure starts in beautiful nature, in lush Maui forest with the most amazing sceneries.  Explore central Maui, listen to old Hawaiian stories and have fun searching for petroglyph symbols along the way. Surround yourself in Hawaii’s natural splendor, the ideal way to sightseeing for nature lovers. On this easy hike, we visit such well-known parks and reserves as Maui central Valley.

Hiking Benefit:

  • It lets you take control of your workout.
  • It tones everything.
  • It gives you camaraderie with your cardio
  • It boosts your mood.
  • Outdoor hiking promotes mental and physical health
  • Improved cardio-respiratory fitness (heart, lungs, blood vessels)
  • Improved muscular fitness
  • Lower risk of coronary heart disease and stroke
  • Lower risk of high blood pressure and type 2 diabetes
  • Lower risk of high cholesterol and triglycerides
  • Lower risk of colon and breast cancer, and possibly lung and endometrial cancer
  • Increased bone density or a slower loss of density
  • Reduced depression and better quality sleep
  • Lower risk of early death (If you are active for 7 hours a week, your risk of dying early is 40% lower than someone active for less than 30 minutes a week.)
  • Weight control; hiking burns up 370 calories an hour (154-lb person)

  • Level: light
  • Duration: 3-3.5 hrs
  • Length: 2 miles
  • Included: Backpack, snacks and bottled water
  • Age: anyone welcome, not suitable for handicapped people
  • Check In: Kahului, Park n’ ride (Intersection of Highways 350 & 380) *SEE DETAILS BELOW
  • Time: 9 am or 1 pm Tuesday to Friday
  • Restriction: Not suitable for handicapped people
  • What to bring: sunscreen lotion, hiking shoes, sun glasses, camera and Cash, if you wish to tip your guide
  • Cancellation Policy: Rescheduling 48 hr for all reservations, and 72 hours for groups of 6 or more


  • Shoes to Wear on our Tours?

Running shoes or sports sandals. Your shoes may get muddy, dirty, and/or wet on any of our hikes.

  • Clothing for our Tours?

Shorts and short-sleeved shirts or t-shirts are best. If mosquitoes really bother you (your guide carries repellent), you could wear long pants and a long-sleeved shirt.

  • Additional Items to Bring for the Day? 

Sun screen lotion and Sun glasess, Camera & Phone: Please bring a Ziploc or a plastic bag to prevent any damage from moisture. You are responsible for any personal equipment you choose to bring along

  • What Does Stardust Hawaii Provide for the Day?

Water, Snacks, Backpacks, Ponchos, in case of rain, Insect repellent, if needed, and, of course, our guide to keep you safe.

  • Will There Be a Bathroom on the Trail?

On some hikes there are toilets or porta potties at the trail head. Once we’re hiking, though, we head for the bushes. If you’re uncomfortable using the bushes, please let your guide know before the hike begins so you can both decide what’s best for you.

  • Tipping your Guide

If you’re happy with your hike, a tip is always a good way to show your appreciation.

* Pick-up location in Kahului 

  • The Park & Ride meeting location is along a large concrete wall with a single row of parking facing Hwy 380 west of Hwy 311 just before entering Kahului.
  • GPS – No physical address, but it is at the Intersection of Highways 350 & 380.
  • Exact coordinates: 20 degrees, 52 minutes, 30 seconds north, 156 degrees, 27 minutes, 43 seconds west

From Wailea / Makena / Kihei – the South side of the island

  • Highway 31 (Pi’ilani Highway) – head north.
  • Follow airport signs to Kahului, bearing right onto Hwy 311.
  • After 10 minutes, look for big church (King’s Cathedral), then move into left lane.
  • Turn left onto Hwy 380 (Kuihelani Hwy).
  • Go 200 yards and turn right into “Park n’ Ride” commuter lot.
  • Park your car against a concrete block wall.

From Lahaina /Ka’anapali /Kapalua – the West side of the island

  • Head south on Highway 30 as if you’re going to Kahului Airport.
  • Turn right onto Hwy 380.
  • Five miles down 380 there’s a concrete block wall on left.
  • Turn left across highway into Park n’ Ride commuter lot against that wall.



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